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WFUN, Miami Reunion April, 2007

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Fun lovin' Pete Berlin. After having "Fun", Pete went on to change the "Magic Bus" WBUS-FM Radio, Miami Beach, to "Love 94". He's the father of smooth jazz. - Pat Appleson 2007


Russ Oasis, "The Only Oasis in Florida" & Long time WFUN Program Director,Tom Kennington. Russ is now a group station owner and Tom just retired from many years as Head Honcho for Walt Disney Productions. BTW, his voice is as deep and resonate as it was when he was 26 - Pat Appleson 2007

WFUN Air Personality Russ Oasis '73- 1975, WFUN Alumni & current WTVJ-TV, NBC-6 Miami anchorman, Bob Mayer, former WWOK Radio Miami, Air Personality, Pat Appleson (Russ & I were both on the air in the afternoons, friendly competitors) - Pat Appleson 2007

Long time Florida broadcaster Jim Kelly & Bud Connell the originator & creator of the "WFUN Sound" & format in 1961

One of my early idols, WFUN Alumni, WKNR, Detroit, & WMCA New York Legend, Gary (The Wooly Burger) Stevens & Russ Oasis - Pat Appleson 2007

WFUN Alumni & South Florida Announcer, G. Michael McKay & Tom Kennington

WFUN Reunion Host, Air Personality Russ Oasis & WFUN Alumni, Chris Edwards of KTRB, San Francisco

Bob Gordon, wife Ginny & Tom Kennington

Pete Berlin, Chris Edwards, Bob Harris

WFUN Alumni, Jerry Norman

Ken Scott (Kip Guth) & Fun lovin' Peter Berlin

The old gang

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