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WFUN, Miami Reunion April, 2007

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Fun lovin' WFUN air personality Fred Schall flew in from his day job at FOX Television's O&O, WTTG-TV, Washington, DC


WFUN "Good Guy" Gary Stevens in search of the "Wooly Burger"

WFUN Air Personalities, Tom Kennington, Terry Allan, Jim Edwards, Dave Laing & Jerry Norman

Bill Dean, Mr. & Mrs. Gary Stevens, Russ Oasis

Bob Mayer, Bob Harris & Ken Scott

WFUN Alumni & South Florida Announcer, G. Michael McKay, Alan Polasky, Jim Kelly & Jerry Norman

Long time South Florida Air Personality Jim Kelly interviews fellow Alumni

WFUN creator Bud Connell and Russ Oasis

Pete Berlin & Bob Gordon

WFUN Transmitter Engineer Ray Myers and Bob Gordon

Bud Connell & Fred Schall

Alan Polasky, Jim Kelly, Johnny Dark, G. Michael McKay at head of Buffet line

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