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WFUN, Miami Reunion April, 2007

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Bob Gordon at head of Buffet table


Bud Connell chats with "Good Guy" Gary Stevens

WFUN Air Personalities, Fred Schall & Ken Scott (Kip Guth)

WFUN Alumni, Chris Edwards KTRB, San Francisco

Mr. & Mrs. Terry Allan

WFUN Alumni: Dave Laing, Tom Kennington, G. Michael McKay. Back to camera, Russ & Lynn

Dave Laing & Tom Kennington

WFUN's Big Jim Edwards sings Stop in the Name of Love

Russ Oasis, Jim Edwards, Bob Gordon

WFUN Alumni,Dave Laing WNDB, Daytona Beach, Florida

Terry Allan & Dave Laing

Russ Oasis shakes hands with friends

WFUN's Fred Schall, Bob Mayer & Bob Gordon

The old gang

WFUN Alumni, Bud Connell & Russ Oasis

Ken Scott, Fred Schall, Bob Mayer

"Here's lookin' at you, Kid"

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