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WWOK-AM/WIGL-FM/WQAM Country Reunion Photos

Photos Copyright: The Ron Tatar Collection, Ron Tator, Curator. All Rights Reserved, Used By Permission


Charlie Daniels and WWOK MD Ron Tatar - Circa 1977

Country Legend Barbara Mandrell hangs out with Ron Tatar in the WIGL-FM Control Room - 1976

"This shot is at the Dade County Youth Fair. From left to right is Tommy Charles, briefly the Program Director, a good guy, long story, my Girl Friend Brenda, and me. Either 1977 or 1978." - Ron Tatar

"Probably 1977 Brenda Lee and I in the WWOK control room. She was a great interview." - Ron Tatar

"This is probably 1977. From left to right is Ron Tatar, Harry Chapin, an Electra records promo guy whose name I don't remember, and Joel Kaplan" - Ron Tatar

"WWOK never had any money for much of a promotion budget so I came up with the idea of giving away autographs on the air. I then put the arm on any country star that I had contact with to have some to give away. Merle Haggard was one of my victims. Probably 1977 - Ron Tatar

"Somebody got the bright idea of getting a trade out from a photo studio to have the DJ's dressed up as cowboys, and those would be the photos we would give away at remotes and concerts." - Ron "Quick Draw" Tatar

WWOK Air Personality Ron Tatar On the Air - 1977

"I was the MC of the South Florida Bluegrass Association for four years. It was a way to promote the station. I gave away station bumper stickers and albums. Probably 1975" - Ron Tatar

"On Tom T. Hall's bus with a record guy and music writer whose names escape me." - Ron Tatar 1977

"The great Ted Cramer, Barbara Mandrell and I, in my music director's office. Probably 1976" - Country Gentleman & WWOK Music Director, Ron Tatar

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