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WWOK-AM/WIGL-FM/WQAM Country Reunion Photos

Photos Copyright: ©1972 thru 1976 Pat Appleson Studios, Inc. All Rights Reserved, Used By Permission

WWOK Stock Market Reporter Jim Matavy on the right with friend of his. Out in Hialeah at a cross country scramble. It was fun, the dealer gave all the jocks new Yamaha 175cc bikes & we proceeded to wreak them. - Pat Appleson 1973


Larry Gatlin had just signed with Columbia and they rented the Miss Florida boat on the 79th. Street Causeway to have Larry sing his stuff for invited guests. He had done my show earlier that afternoon & I sat in the front row. The invited guests were so rude that finally Larry stopped playing and cussed them out. It was fabulous. Larry & I have be friends ever since. - Pat Appleson 1973

WWOK Country Gentleman Big Butch Brown surrounded with fans waiting for Mickey Gilley to arrive. Miami Beach Convention Center - 1975

WWOK General Manager Cy Russell, Harmonica Virtuoso Charlie McCoy, Epic Promo man, and Program Director Ted Cramer - 1974

Bonnie Powell and WWOK Evening Personality Bill Taylor at Charlie Pride concert. - 1973

Dan Halyburton covering the GOP Convention - Miami Beach 1972

This is how it looked on the last day of the GOP convention. The lefties were out in droves to protest anything they could think of. But mostly protesting another four year term of Richard Nixon. I got caught in a cross fire with a couple of CBS camera men. We were rushed by the Yippies and the National Guard saved us. After an hour in the infirmary to get the tear gas out of my eyes, it was on to the Nikon repair center inside the convention hall. Nikon repaired my camera on the spot, no charge. I use Nikon to this day. - Pat Appleson 2007

Mid Day Country Gentleman Richard Ward Fatherly. Dick would always make a face when he saw the lens. Here's one of him that I like. - Pat Appleson 2007

Traffic Gal Cindy Williams with part of the bridal party at her wedding to Glenn. Outside the Officers Club, Homestead Air Force Base. - Pat Appleson 2007

WWOK Night at Fabulous Flagler Dog Track, they named each race after an OK jock. Number Seven: The Pat Appleson Special. Seated next to me were a couple of OK winners. I remember the were very nice and would say things like "you remind me of my Grandson"....... there goes the younger demo's, right Ted? <grin> - Pat Appleson 2007

Hey, somebody has to tell those jocks what to do. - Pat Appleson 2007

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