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WWOK-AM/WIGL-FM/WQAM Country Reunion Photos

Photos Copyright: ©1972 thru 1976 Pat Appleson Studios, Inc. All Rights Reserved, Used By Permission

Back Row: Ted Cramer, local record promoter(I know this guy, just can't think of his name), Dan Halyburton, Hank Williams Jr., unidentified WWOK Intern, Pat Appleson. Bottom Row: WWOK Air Personality Dean Mitchell, Morning Man George Means, News Director John Amato, Official All Night Coffee Slurper Bob Cole. Backstage, Dade County Youth Fair 1975


Hank Williams Jr. chats with Bob Cole

Tanya Tucker signs album covers for GM Cy Russell

I think all that Bud finally hit. L-R: Ted Cramer, Evan Carl, Hank Williams, Jr. George Means, Dean Mitchell - Miami 1974

Pat Appleson, the mysterious "Debbie" & Hank Williams, Jr. - Dade County Youth Fair - Miami 1974

Back at the station: George Means & Cy Russell - Miami 1974

A rare photo of "you're 'ole buddy" Mal Harrison cueing them up (note: you had to be good to do this, shift gears, cue up the record and never let any ashes drop off the Winston)- WWOK-AM, Miami 1972

WWOK News Director Andy Winston - 1972

Traffic Director, Cindy Williams-Mincer with pooch - Miami 1973

Ad in the Miami Hearld - 1973

I was asked to be a guest on the old "Skipper Chuck" show, I forget the reason. Here's the note the Chuck Meister sent to me afterwards. - Pat Appleson, November 21, 1975

I was appearantly so good on Skipper Chuck, that two months later I was fired. This is my check from what is now called a 401K. I had reached the "top" of the pay scale and they were forced to put the stations up for sale, by the bank. Just another day in Radio. Looking back, it was the BEST thing to ever happen to my "career". Thank you Cy Russell - Pat Appleson 2007

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