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WWOK-AM/WIGL-FM/WQAM Country Reunion Photos

Photos Copyright: ©1972 thru 1976 Pat Appleson Studios, Inc. All Rights Reserved, Used By Permission

Big Butch Brown at Dade County Youth Fair, being pawed by fan - 1975


Big Butch Brown at Dade County Youth Fair, & fan - 1975

News Director Jack McCoy, On The Air - WWOK 1973

I left this big so you could see even the Miami Herald makes mystakes. "Dave" Halyburton is appearing - Pat Appleson 2007

This is out of the Herald too. - Miami 1973

Another Hearld ad and Promotion - Miami 1974

The funny part of this "Bowl-a-Thon" is below. The ranking of all the players. If you were around in those years, the names will be very familar to you. - Pat Appleson 2007

I left this big on purpose. If you were around in this time period, you'll be very familar with the personalities on this list. Look, I beat Dion, he was on my team <grin> Also, is that a typo? Could it be Recou Browning? The star of "The Creature from the Black Lagoon"???? And Larry Seiple beat Paula Sperber at Bowling? Unbelieveable - Pat Appleson 2007

From the Miami Herald. It was always clear to me that this "feature writer/critic" NEVER liked country music. - Pat Appleson 2007

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