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WWOK-AM/WIGL-FM/WQAM Country Reunion Photos

Photos Copyright: ©1971 The Carrie Lohr-Campbell Collection. All Rights Reserved, Used By Permission

Tom T. Hall at a concert sponsored by WWOK (don't ask me where or exactly when it occurred) - Carrie Lohr-Campbell 2007


Bill Taylor, Tom T. Hall, George Means & Dean Mitchell. Back stage at the TTH concert

WWOK Air Personality Jeff Goodrich chats with Carrie's friend Kris, backstage at Tom T. Hall Concert

WWOK Evening personality, Bill Taylor, Singer/Songwriter Tom T. Hall, Morning personality George Means and Dean Mitchell, back stage

A pensive Jeff Goodrich, back stage at Tom T. Hall Concert

Next, Tom T. and me. I really, really liked him and wanted his autograph, but didn't have anything for him to sign. I happened to have a deck of cards in my purse and asked him to sign the Ace of Spades, my favorite card. He was sort of taken aback and said the Ace of Spades is traditionally the card of death. Had I known, I wouldn't have asked him to sign that one. Have no idea where it is now. Don't you love the eye make up? Not too much, is it? - Carrie Lohr-Campbell 2007


Kris, Me and Terry - Carrie Lohr-Campbell 2007

The next 7 are from a party at my house--I think my 21st birthday. The first is Terry again - Carrie Lohr-Campbell 2007

WWOK Account Exec Harry von Suskil and a guy named George we knew from somewhere. - Carrie Lohr-Campbell 2007

Harry in his famous plaid pants wearing not 1--but 2, party hats, next to my friend Kris - Carrie Lohr-Campbell 2007

It's Harry on the far left, Terry in the middle, and me up at the top with my arm around Kris' brother, Robert. He passed away in 2001 after being ill for a while with a mystery illness, which turned out to be a bleeding ulcer. - Carrie Lohr-Campbell 2007


Suzanne and Merrit Hadley - Carrie Lohr-Campbell 2007

Dean Mitchell on the right watching our friend, Gary dance - Carrie Lohr-Campbell 2007

Dean Mitchell sitting on his brother, George's, lap at my first apartment in Miami Springs. Love the "mod" clothes - Carrie Lohr-Campbell 2007

I'm sitting on Dean's lap either before or after I gave him a haircut - Carrie Lohr-Campbell 2007

WWOK Evening Air Personality Bill Taylor and his children - California circa 1978

Bill & I at his 20th High School Reunion in Minnesota - Carrie Lohr-Campbell 2007


Bill and I with my friend Kris and some other folks at a picnic somewhere in Miami - Carrie Lohr-Campbell 2007

This is my daughter Kali, a law student living in Jacksonville - Carrie Lohr-Campbell 2007

And this is my daughter, Kara and me - Carrie Lohr-Campbell 2007

Me and my daughter Kara - Carrie Lohr-Campbell 2007

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