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The iLink LCD is a two-channel Internet downloadable messaging system
utilizing state-of-the-art MP3 compression to achieve truly stunning near-CD quality audio playback.
Units come with 2GB of flash memory to handle any audio application.
The backlit LCD screen and membrane touch keys control volume and
mode settings as well as allowing local configuration of the unit’s IP.
Also included is an internal monitor speaker for checking playback status.

The iLink LCD connects to the Internet through its built-in 10/100 LAN jack or wireless option.
All unit management and audio file downloads are performed by
Pat Appleson Studios remotely, over the Internet using our secure software.

The integrated two-way (push or pull) feature combined with the ability for changes
to be initiated on demand or be scheduled from minutes to weeks
in advance provide unlimited flexibility and convenience.

The iLink LCD provides a solid platform for all applications ranging from simple
message-on-hold with seamless message playback to complex scheduled tasks
requiring background music with fade and message mixing.
The dual independent outputs also make the iLink a “one-box-solution” in multi-zone installations.

Pat Appleson Studios, Inc. is an authorized Nel-Tech Labs Master Distributor.
Nel-Tech Labs, Inc. is a PICA Product Development Brand.clik here for more info

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